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Music is for people who can’t handle their own thoughts.”
— Matty Healy, The 1975

Bands I'm Listening To



I've written about this band countless times because I've been a fan of them since the start and even stood front row for more than a few shows. Max and Danny have talent beyond their years and a retro sound that just doesn't fit anywhere in 2018 because it's ageless. "Tap Water Drinking" deserves every head bang in the world, and "14 Faces" is in my top ten songs of all time. The production of this band is so pure and unique, combining sounds from old records and even an audio clip of Max laughing about Fifty Shades on the subway.

My Pick: Loud(y) was their first aptly loud track, though not the band's most popular today. Still, it so beautifully exhibits the garage band production and has a "semi-automatic mouth" line that inspires self-reflection.


Whether you’ve never heard of the group or you’ve been following along since they signed with Fueled by Ramen, Flor is gaining traction with their electric bops that fans of the label can relate to after headlining all over the country and touring with acts like Halsey and Walk the Moon. Synthetic 80s/90s vibes resemble Paramore’s latest After Laughter and lead into occasional rock riffs reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots’ “Semi-Automatic” or “Screen”  (check out “spoiled"). But this band finds its niche in their unique lyrics infused with whimsy and delivered with honesty. No fancy light shows, crazy visuals, or overpowering displays — the four members of the band stay true to their strengths, and their love for music is contagious. Read more in Strife Magazine, link coming soon.

My Pick: "Spoiled," which has the sickest instrumental halfway through the song. I'm also embarrassingly obsessed with their cover of Post Malone here


Give him 2018 artist of the year. Vertigo (2018) has nostalgia like The Neighborhood and awe inspiring riffs reminiscent of The 1975 instrumental Matt Healey performs live. In other words, it's perfection I didn't know we needed. But we do -- we really do.

EDEN is moody, he's refreshing, he's original. I'm utterly impressed and hooked on everything he's put out to date. It's dark enough to satisfy the emo-music lover inside of me, especially since Fall Out Boy's new album fell flat. It also contains the secret sauce -- enough cursing to evoke emotion without sounding unnecessary or vulgar. (Should I write a blog on this? I really think this sauce is real and should be acknowledged.)

My Pick: "Take Care," which has the greatest buildup around the 3 minute mark with the most mesmerizing falsetto. Take care, you'll be hooked.

I smashed my phone, but honestly I feel relieved
You can't reach me, now I can exhale on my own


This band has been at the top of my concert bucket list for years. I'm impatiently waiting for a Texas tour stop to fully embrace the moody brooding that is Amber Bain. When I first heard Face Like Thunder, I really couldn't picture the artist or get a vibe of The Japanese House's sound. But after exploring their entire discography to date, I understand why Amber's vocals have been labeled androgynous -- it's the only way to describe how she can transcend herself to communicate difficult emotions through music.

Now two years later, their depressed electric beats are a staple in my playlists. Imagine the scenery in the original Twilight, coupled with an inspiring intellect  -- that landscape is The Japanese House.

My Pick: Still -- The start of this song give me nostalgia for rainy road trips and has the special sauce I mentioned earlier. I'm a sucker for a sad song with a hint of cursing.



If you're a fan of LANY, listen to the track "2/14" - it's simplistic like Paul Jason Klein's lyrics with riffs eerily similar to The 1975. I'm undecided on which genre they should fall into, which is probably why I like them so much. It's indie, it's pop, it's electric, it had some classic rock moments.

My pick: Bernstein -- I've played this song literally 100 times this summer. It's probably my most played track over the last few months. If you only have one minute, start at 2:37 and finish the song. The buildup of these vocals and passion about growing old speaks to my soul. 

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