The Band Camino

It’s a great time to be a good indie-pop band. While mainstream is “uncool" and radio chart-toppers are overplayed, groups like COIN, Foster the People, and LANY are finding success in crooning syrupy millennial bops to a crowd of dedicated fans. These bands are in their element at smaller venues, despite impressive Spotify play counts, which allows for a more intimate fan experience (helping fuel the fandom). 

Enter The Band Camino.  

With such a fluid genre, groups no longer have to adhere to a strictly-pop, rock, or rap mentality. The 1975 is cranking out hit after hit of categorically undefined confusion and Twenty One Pilots doesn’t really belong anywhere, with R&B, piano/ukulele, and even emo tracks. I feel similarly about The Band Camino — their classic rock sound reminds me of the 80s, but tracks like “2/14” made me picture more of a California-based group playing open-air shows upon first listen.

Instead, The Band Camino is a Memphis-born four-piece just young enough to have star power, but skipping any thoughts of being labeled a “boyband.” Probably due to their proximity to perpetual live music, the group has more soul than others in their lane. You can tell they aren’t in the business of “cranking out" mindless hits. The songs have backbone and character with storytelling I haven’t been excited about in a while.

“Berenstein” is probably my most played song on Spotify, racking up multiple counts per day this summer. If you only have one minute, start at 2:37 and finish the song. The buildup of vocals and passion about growing old speaks to my soul. It’s deep, conspiratorial nonsense that any contemplative millennial will relish.

"Daphne Blue” was released this month and is the most simplistic of bitter love songs in their discography, but the detailed lyrics in the track are intriguing. And with this band, you can guarantee it’s also catchy.

"I Spend Too Much Time in My Room,” released in 2016, is another notable track, boasting electric guitar riffs and the lyrics:

My mama don’t like my tattoos, so I had to act like I do. The only thing I learned in school is life treats you well if you’re cool.

Check them out on Spotify and let me know what you think in the comments below!