I created this site after I left my iPad on a plane because obviously, keeping up with a notebook is unrealistic at this point in my life. 


I've been telling stories forever. Even in diapers, I babbled elaborate tales for my siblings while "reading" books upside down. Today, it's storytelling that makes me feel most human -- whether that's recording events in a newspaper, reviewing a new album for a magazine, or shooting weddings. If you don't believe me, just ask my mom -- I gave her twenty bucks to say yes.


About ME

I heard a joke recently that La Croix tastes like it's buffering. I laughed and sipped a can of sparkling Passionfruit because I just don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

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I couldn't be a DJ because I go to sleep too early. This is the next best thing. The days of genre are dead, just listen to good music by mediocre people.

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My first international trip was funded by handmade scarves and shoddy mani/pedis. I've graduated from a tin tea can full of coins to a savings account of equal passion.

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When Michael Scott said he never knows where a statement will end when he starts talking, I felt that. Countless years of writing and a journalism degree later, here we are...

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