I created this site after I left my iPad on a plane because obviously, keeping up with a notebook is unrealistic at this point in my life. 


I've been telling stories forever. Even in diapers, I babbled elaborate tales for my siblings while "reading" books upside down. Today, it's storytelling that makes me feel most human -- whether that's recording events in a newspaper, reviewing a new album for a magazine, or shooting weddings. If you don't believe me, just ask my mom -- I gave her twenty bucks to say yes.



How to Fail at Life Without Really Trying is a podcast by Elsa Schieffelin and Katelyn Holm about life, love, and general failures. You can now listen on iTunes in the podcast app!

Take it from us, don’t take it from us


I couldn't be a DJ because I go to sleep too early. This is the next best thing. The days of genre are dead, just listen to good music by mediocre people.

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My first international trip was funded by handmade scarves and shoddy mani/pedis. I've graduated from a tin tea can full of coins to a savings account of equal passion.

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When Michael Scott said he never knows where a statement will end when he starts talking, I felt that. Countless years of writing and a journalism degree later, here we are...

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